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July 30, 2010- 2D/3D CAD/CAM Software Company Optitex has created yet another service for the Optitex fan base.  OptitexHelp is a comprehensive Wiki business website allowing those interested in Optitex solutions unlimited access to the Optitex knowledge base, technical information regarding Optitex products and services.

OptitexHelp offers CAD users and Optitex customers the experience of cutting edge technologies in a unique approach with a 100% satisfaction rate. Customers can visit the OptitexHelp free of charge at help.optitex.com to access a broad spectrum of information regarding Optitex products and function.

“Such access to Optitex is unprecedented in our field. Our decision to make company and product information available to the public has enabled users to make the right decisions when it comes to the Optitex brand and the world of advanced CAD in general.” Says Ran Machtinger, CEO of Optitex Ltd. “Since the website’s launch; Optitex fans have viewed the website almost a million times.”

The Optitex approach in allowing complete access to Optitex information maintains the commitment Optitex has for its’ customers when it comes to excellent customer service. This decision has resulted in the creation of hundreds of Optitex content pages that provide customers with detailed information regarding all of its products. Top viewed pages include: Optitex’s Pattern Design Systems, 3D Modules area and license and hardware topics. Additionally, the forward -thinking success of OptitexHelp  has resulted in important Help information growing at an exponential rate compared to any hardcopy manual produced. As a result, software changes are communicated immediately and effectively, maintaining Optitex’s high customer service standard.

The successful addition of OptitexHelp as another customer friendly service is followed by Optitex Web Services, an even newer website offering online access to Optitex and features known products such as the most advanced automated Nesting Service using exclusive Marker Making and Nesting algorithm software to generate high-speed nested layouts that minimize fabric waste.

About Optitex
Optitex develops innovative, user-friendly 2D and 3D CAD solutions for all cut-fabric and fashion-related industries. Optitex solutions are designed to facilitate collaboration among partners throughout the manufacturing process. Optitex is also active in e-commerce, providing online sales tools to promote branding and customer loyalty. As the industry standard, Optitex is a cornerstone of design training with installations in universities and educational centers worldwide. Optitex products are sold and supported around the world through certified distributors and OEMs.