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Italian Service Provider La Rocca Leads with 3D

Specializing in unusual fabrics, thermal layers, and bonding techniques, technology is at the heart of La Rocca’s service offerings. Investing into 3D digital solutions comes as a natural response for providers such as La Rocca to ensure they stay ahead of the market and answer customer needs.

Italian service provider La Rocca produces sportswear clothing, in particular jackets and outerwear, for top brands.

“The customer’s schedule is so tight, it’s assumed that when a customer approaches us, we are already late on schedule,” says Flavio Forlani, CEO and founder of La Rocca. “That’s why a company like ours must react fast, and provide the best solutions to address customers’ needs, by using the best technology on the market. I think Optitex helps us lead innovative projects and fully respond to our customers’ needs, and improving the quality of our service.”