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Optitex Helps Roberto Cavalli Efficiently Perfect Intricate Designs

Roberto Cavalli, a top Italian brand with its roots in high-end handmade garments, is renowned for exotic, intricately printed fabrics. The label launches six collections annually, which allows an average of just two months for the design and development of each collection. Paolo Ottolia, Head of Ready-to-Wear Products at Roberto Cavalli explains: “Timetables are becoming tighter and tighter. The challenge is how to integrate our handmade designs with all the needs of our industry; the marketing needs, validation needs, and the timetables. Our products are very complicated, made of prints and materials” with a lot of embroidery, with very specific requirements.”

The Roberto Cavalli team investigated available solutions for visualization software and asked about adding high-level 3D functionality. “We asked for the option to physically move the parts on the print, and also see them moving immediately on the three-dimension doll and vice versa,” recalls Michele Mazzanti, CAD Department Manager at Roberto Cavalli. “Everyone said, ‘no, it’s impossible’. Only Optitex understood the need and was able to develop the right solution.”