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Silver Jeans Company saves costs while increasing styles

Silver Jeans, the maker of mid-luxury blue jeans thrives in a market famous for style-conscious consumers and tight margins. Four years ago, the company realized its existing suite of software tools was holding it back — so Silver Jeans implemented Optitex. Today, they use the full suite of Optitex products from 3D design to pattern making all the way to cutting. With dynamic data integration, seamless customer support and a powerful user interface, Silver Jeans can get to market faster, with more styles, fewer samples, all at a reduced cost. “It’s also a very intuitive and quite simple system to use, so our people were able to become productive on it very quickly, says Mark Lamont, VP of Operations.”We can easily see a 10 to 15% reduction in cost now compared to how we were operating before. And the more ways we use the system, the more money we save. The system can easily pay for itself quite quickly.”