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“Strategic Illusions” Project at SUNY -Buffalo State

In the Fall semester of 2014, the Fashion and Textile Technology department at the SUNY – Buffalo State ran an advanced engineered garment design teaching project, called “Strategic Illusions”. Using Optitex software for pattern making and virtual sampling, students were told to develop engineered textile designs for 100% cotton fabric. Specifically, they needed to incorporate strategically placed wrinkles or ruching to embrace or camouflage the naturally occurring wrinkles on the garment. “The software was integral to this project. While we usually encourage our students to develop all over prints for their portfolio, this allowed the students to learn a new application – engineered printing. We also used the 3D imaging in Optitex to ensure the wrinkles were placed in the locations of naturally occurring wrinkles to ensure we were accurately embracing the wrinkles as per the design brief.” – Lynn Boorady, Chair of the Fashion and Textile Technology