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The Line Up finds High-Performance Success with Optitex PDS

The next time you watch a professional sports team in action, check out the cheerleaders. Most likely, their uniforms came from The Line Up, who focus on custom dance costumes and creative performance apparel. An Optitex customer, The Line Up also custom designs uniforms and costumes for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, cricket, lacrosse, area and semi-pro sports franchises worldwide. Prior to switching to Optitex, Deb was using another pattern design software. By moving to Optitex Pattern Design Software (PDS), she had the ability to link garment patterns to customer accounts, make fewer mistakes in patterns, and have the option to use the design software from any workstation. “The biggest benefit since switching to Optitex,” The Line Up’s owner and CEO, Deb Erickson says, “is managing account information better and faster. It’s the ability to save information in a Windows platform so that we can merge pattern design data with our existing account management system without any additional time or effort.”