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Theory: Defining the Contemporary Market & Leading the Way with 3D

Inspired by a vision of modern fashion and the way fashion businesses are run, Theory defined the contemporary market. With a focus on premium fabric quality, the company is committed to innovate, invest, and create the perfect fit for its customers. 3D technology has supported this vision. “Theory as a company has always been on the forefront of what’s happening,” says Andrew Rosen, CEO and Founder. “For us, that is a big part of our DNA of our business. The innovation and execution of our clothing is what we stand for.” he says.

The ability to see clothing in a much more robust, dynamic way, early on in the process through 3D imaging is a big help that allows Theory to understand fabric choices, understand color, and understand styles, says Rosen. “We are able to see a whole assortment of clothes put together in a live setting way before we would be able to do that without it. And our team is really excited about the opportunity to get involved and be at the forefront of this technology. I think there is a lot of advantages to it, and I’m excited that our company has embarked on this work with Optitex.“