EFI Optitex discloses a unique end-to-end fashion production workflow at MAGIC Las Vegas

A few days ago, the glittering lights of Las Vegas were shining over the Las Vegas & Mandalay Bay Convention Centers, where the fashion retail industry was convening at MAGIC, the world-famous trade show. With over 40 countries represented, MAGIC attracted designers, brands, retailers, manufacturers and service providers eager to discover the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories and manufacturing.

Wandering down the Hall, you couldn’t have missed the “micro-factory” set in half a day by EFI Optitex and EFI Reggiani, a real-time demonstration glorifying a new and unique design-to-finished-garment production workflow.

Exhibiting at “Sourcing”, an exhibiting area at MAGIC prone to showcasing innovation and inspiration, EFI Optitex presence reflected its mission to “empower businesses with digital inspiration” and “revolutionize the way they develop, produce and market fashion”.

Well-renowned for its 2D/3D solutions aimed to save time, fabric and money on the product development and production stages, EFI Optitex collaborated with its sister companies EFI Reggiani, the leading manufacturer of textile printing machines, and EFI Fiery for its digital print servers.

The result? A world first integrated approach connecting the end-to-end processes from digital product design to digital printing for a proper design-to-finished-garment.

Magic as the keyword of MAGIC

Wandering down the Hall, you couldn’t have missed the “micro-factory” set in half a day by EFI Optitex and EFI Reggiani, a real-time demonstration glorifying this new streamlined end-to-end workflow.

The process started by creating a graded T-shirt pattern in Optitex 2D/3D platform which was validated and perfected in terms of fit using a virtual 3D model. The 3D virtual sample was then opened up into Adobe Illustrator through Optitex plug in to create the design options and validate their final results in 3D before printing. Once satisfactory, the file was uploaded into the EFI Fiery digital print server and sent to Reggiani’s sublimation printing machine. The 3D digital t-shirt conceived into the Optitex platform could be seen coming magically “into life” (into fabric…) thanks to a heat transfer machine. The fabric was then processed through a cutting machine, before the t-shirt was sewed and presented to the audience.

The whole process took about 20-30 minutes. “This workflow makes it easy to collaborate globally and reduces the cost of both sample making and the manufacture of small-lot apparel,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “It is already revolutionizing the fast fashion market by reducing the need to ship expensive samples around the globe, speeding up the design and manufacturing process.”

For more information on the integrated end-to-end process, contact us at info@optitex.com