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Digital Collection

Telling the Story of Your Collection, Digitally

Showcase Your Collection Digitally

Get earlier feedback by displaying all styles and colorways before preparing the first physical prototype.

Collaborate with colleagues, external suppliers and partners across the globe by sharing full collections digitally.

Create, upload and share 3D collections in three simple steps.

Create, Upload
and Share 3D Collections

Save time and money by presenting your entire collection in the virtual sphere with a SaaS showroom that allows you to sell and market your styles before cutting or sewing the first piece of fabric.

Create Digital Collections

Upload images of all styles and colorways to create collections per season, clothing line, etc.

Sort your 3D Collection

Search and filter through your collections when searching for specific styles, lines of clothing, categories, etc.

View Style Information

Define and display style information so you can easily categorize styles, including style name, code, description, etc.

Photorealistic View

Enhance the quality of your virtual samples using 360° photorealistic images.

Manage User Permissions

Define who can view, edit, and manage digital collections.

Optitex Fall/Winter Series - 3D Design and Development