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Marker Making Suite

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Complete solution for fast, easy and accurate marker making

  • Once a pattern has been approved for production and graded, Marker arranges patterns in the most material, cost-saving manner, taking into consideration fabric type, width and design
  • You can control and group placement of pieces by virtually any attribute, and place restrictions on markers such as fabric types and orientation pieces
  • Shading constraint optimization improves utilization by up to 2-3% to get the most use of your shaded fabric.
  • Support for material flaw zones to work around damaged or unusable sections, while enabling the greatest yield possible from the remaining materials
  • Batch Marker Creator lets you streamline your workflow and save time by aggregating multiple PDS files for marking and nesting
  • Add markers per material, PDS or style and automatically compile them together to create single or multiple markers
  • Place, select, rotate, and flip pieces at will, even along the fold, or choose to run a queue of automatic markers unsupervised
  • Save and generate a report of material consumption and cost calculations that can be exported to Excel