Perfect your garments before cutting or sewing the first piece of fabric, for faster cycles and products that better fit your customer's needs, with the only solution that combines powerful 2D design and 3D visualization in a single platform.
  • 3D-Creator

    3D Product Creation Suite

    Save time and fuel creativity by turning your flat patterns into 3D models and make adjustments in style, fit, color, prints, fabric type, and features, while still in the design environment.

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  • Pattren-Making-Suite

    Pattern Making Suite

    Get to market faster, at less cost, with an efficient pattern making suite that optimizes how you work with patterns at every step of the development cycle.

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  • Digital-Collection-App

    Digital Collection

    Maximize the power of 3D to develop, produce and market your design with an online app that lets you showcase designs as full collections, within weeks of a sketch.

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  • collaboration_Icon


    Leverage, share and collaborate on any product related file in a high quality 3D viewer with internal and external parties for better and faster decision-making in the product development cycle.

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