Collaborate includes a high-quality 3D viewer and allows you, through a secure cloud-based environment, to leverage, share and collaborate on any product related file with designers, technical designers, pattern makers, vendors and other partners around the globe for better and faster decision-making in the product development cycle.

O/DEV Collaborate

The First Visual Collaboration SaaS Solution for High Speed Product Development & Prototyping in Photorealistic 3D

Create, Manage & Share Digital Workspaces

  • Create a centralized workspace to manage and share all your product, design, and development files
  • Upload any 2D/3D patterns, avatars, illustrations and artworks, fabric or tech-pack files
  • Assign permissions to relevant parties (internal or external) for them to gain access to the desired workspace(s)

View Garments in 3D High Quality, Comment & Review Annotations

    • Let any entitled user with a browser, on a PC or a Mac, view the digital garments in high-quality 3D rendering and make general comments or specific annotations
    • Receive notifications on new comments
    • Zoom in and out, and alternate camera views



  • Enjoy a centralized and secure workspace for all your files together with your team’s feedback
  • Benefit from one single version of the truth (SVOT) & easily identify issues before producing the first physical sample
  • Seamlessly manage and stay on top of multiple projects easily
  • Reduce the number of physical samples
  • Speed up the ideation and approval of new garments
  • Take better grounded decisions and go to market faster