Cutting Room Optimization Suite
Optimize your cutting room operations and streamline your entire cut order workflow. Go directly from order receipt to cutting fabric in the shortest possible time.

O/PROCutting Room Optimization Suite

Boost your productivity, efficiency and profits

End-to-end visibility of your cutting room operation

  • Accurately project and calculate order production costs to save time, money and materials.
  • Speed your time to market by utilizing your fabric inventory according to your priorities
  • Optimize the minimal required number of tables, and integrate different styles, sizes, colors and fabrics in a single cut plan
  • View order information, order requirements, spreading details and markers for multi-colored orders and export to .xml or .xls files so everyone in the cutting room has the information needed to work efficiently and accurately
  • With Enhanced Roll Management, increase productivity and reduce errors by importing sizes, colors and quantities from your database
  • Automatically allocate each individual roll to specific markers, taking into account shrinkage, shading and width

Save fabric, time and labor, with automated, intelligent nesting optimization

  • Basic (Nest++) – Save valuable time over manual nesting with basic automated nesting
  • Advanced (Nest++2) – Raise efficiency by up to 2.5% compared to using Nest ++
  • Professional (Nest++Pro) – Increase efficiency up to 3.5% higher than possible with Nest ++ (includes Auto-Compaction and MultiCore modules)
  • Increase your productivity to schedule automatic “nesting queues” to run multiple nesting processes simultaneously
  • View data in spreadsheet format for easy comparison of efficiency marker lengths, widths, and process times, including precise cost proposals for customers


Silver Jeans Company saves costs while increasing styles