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We are pleased to announce the release of Optitex O/21.2 – with added-value enhancements of 3D rendering and export options, with richer choice of materials, more design details, new 3D avatars and models, and greater flexibility. In addition, our tech pack was expanded to facilitate easier, more efficient, and more accurate communication with suppliers.


PDS 3D Rendering

  • Export 3D in glTF/GLB formats
  • Quick material importing for Adobe Substance users
  • Digital materials enhancements – New JML elastic materials and enriched material creation from maps (via Material Converter)
  • Avatar realism control level in photorealistic rendering
  • Stitch/rigid parts appearance on the back mesh and illustrative line-art rendering mode
  • New Lighting environments
  • Enhanced custom views
Export gLTF/GLB formats
Export gLTF/GLB formats
Stitch/rigid parts appearance on the back mesh
Stitch/rigid parts appearance on the back mesh

New!! Optitex O/Cloud Asset Portal with

  • Five new baby avatars with various cute faces
  • White-textured kid’s avatars
  • Head avatars of different sizes
  • A selection of hangers
  • Foot model
  • Additional assets will be added monthly
New baby avatars with various cute faces
New baby avatars with various cute faces

PDS Tech Pack Expansions

  • Logo placement schematics with measurement details
  • Display line art images
  • Show material inventory in 3D
Illustrative line-art rendering mode
Illustrative line-art rendering mode

3D Design for Illustrator (3DDI)

  • More flexible 3D sharing of variations/collections by exporting glTF/GLB files and 360° images
  • Direct upload to O/Cloud (coming soon)
  • Silent installation and remote deployment
  • Supports new macOS 12 (Monterey) and Windows 11
  • Supports new Ai V 26
  • Added new JML elastic materials
3DDI - More flexible 3D sharing
3DDI – More flexible 3D sharing

There’s more! With Optitex O/21.2, you’ll also enjoy these version enhancements:

  • Marker – Generate reports in CSV format using @REPORTW batch command
  • PDS 2D – Bug fixes
  • Support for Windows 11


Jan 18th: 9.30am CET / 4.30pm Hong Kong – REGISTER
Jan 20th: 4pm CET / 10am New York – REGISTER