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Putting Your Needs at the Forefront

From the stage of adoption and training, to implementation and product support – our advanced approach to customer care along with a global footprint allows us to support you 100% of the time, across all time zones. We have the best job ever – helping you adopt digital transformation while boosting your ROI. Our team of experts will work with you to provide the best user experience possible, and tailor solutions that perfectly fit your unique business needs.


Outlining the Path to Digital Transformation

In a two-step process we will work with you to understand your requirements, expectations and hesitations, to design a workflow that best suits your needs while examining your current processes and indicating potential optimization points. In-depth discovery and analysis will help us understand and propose a new plan for rolling out digital transformation, including a breakdown of steps, timelines for delivery, reaching milestones, analyzing skills and defining KPIs.

Proof of Concept

Showing You How EFI Optitex can Optimize Your Workflow

Get a hands-on feel of what digital transformation can do for your business with a Professional Services Consultant who will come onsite and do the heavy lifting for you. Together we will pre-define goals and objectives for a 2-4 days onsite consultation and get an accelerated look at what a longer implementation would mean for your business.


Master the Optitex Platform

Learning the ropes of Optitex is easy and can be done in a two-step process that includes an online training platform and onsite guidance by our team of experts. The educational eLearning platform offers a variety of training materials, such as videos and podcasts that cover the core of the Optitex platform. Get a significant competitive advantage by learning new skills or become certified as an Optitex expert. Access to our eLearning platform is subscription based and is available on-demand, 24/7 anytime, anywhere. On-site training is led by Optitex experts who will guide your team and will get you up and running at your own pace while focusing on your needs. Our training follows a concise agenda that is customizable and covers the main areas of all Optitex software, so all players in your corporation are trained and ready to use Optitex in their daily lives.


With You Every Step of the Way, Helping You Achieve Your Business Goals

With one dedicated focal point at your service, you will never feel alone. Together, we will develop an adoption plan, help you review your work, provide feedback so you can improve your workflow and reach your professional goals. Our constant support and attention will ensure you maximize the value of Optitex as we will help you discover its ins and outs, so you can learn about the hidden gems of this magnificent platform and boost your ROI. Once you go live with Optitex and start creating virtual samples all by yourself, we will help you plan your projects and make sure your work with Optitex is easy and seamless.

Content Creation Services

Rich Library of Avatars, Garments, and Accessories

To make your work more efficient, we offer a library of avatars of all body shapes, including men, women, toddlers and babies that can be customized to your own needs and sizes. If you use scanned avatars, we will help you implement them, so they can be used in Optitex as well. In addition, we offer a sample pack of reusable content per body types, including shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets and even onesies, as well as a variety of segment shapes when you want to accessorize, including buttons shapes, color palettes and even stitch elements.

Ongoing Technical Support

At Your Service, from Installation to Continuous Support

As part of our commitment to your success, we are happy to get you started by assisting in installing and configuring Optitex software on all workstations and make sure the roll-out is smooth and hassle free. Our global team of Professional Service Consultants are constantly at your service for any issue that may rise. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Help Center that includes guidance and tutorials for each of our products.