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3D Collaboration – From Concept to Production

Seamless Collaboration Across the Supply Chain

Easily and seamlessly collaborate
Easily and seamlessly collaborate with all team members, vendors and partners.
Share 3D assets quickly and easily
Share 3D assets quickly and easily, with all files in a central location, for reliable, always-accessible storage for all your style data.
Fully control permissions
Fully control permissions and be confident that only relevant supply chain members can access your data.

Connect on the Cloud

With O/Cloud, you’ll benefit from earlier feedback, by displaying all styles and colorways before preparing the first physical prototype and communicate with your teams and colleagues in a centralized location, anytime, anywhere – and when it’s convenient for you!
Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is Key

In today’s new reality, remote working and collaboration have fast become the cornerstone in maintaining business continuity – operational workflows, and communication with all stakeholders in the supply chain. O/Cloud allows you to efficiently manage the end-to-end development process by sharing your digital workplace with your teams, vendors and partners, all in a high-quality digital 3D environment.
Fast & Easy 3D Asset Sharing

Fast & Easy 3D Asset Sharing

Benefit from seamless 3D asset sharing, with all files in a central location, for reliable, always-accessible storage for all your style data. Manage user permissions and access, review technical PDS file details, view colorways and sample history and share and export your 3D style comments for decision-making early on in the process.
Reduce Design Time & Costs

Reduce Design Time & Costs

By transforming more tasks to a digital platform, you’ll save on valuable time, resources, and costs by sharing your designs with teammates and across the supply chain. Benefit from true-to-life results of your 3D samples using a high-quality 3D viewer based on photorealistic 3D rendering. Run online review sessions on your 3D files to fully document your meetings and present your collections with photorealistic 360o views of your designs, including colorways and style information.

Key Features

Create Digital Collections - O-Cloud

Create Digital Collections

Upload images of all styles and colorways to create collections per season, clothing line, etc.

Sort your 3D Collection

Search and filter through your collections when searching for specific styles, lines of clothing, categories, etc.
Data One Stop Shop - O-Cloud

A Data One-Stop-Shop

Manage all project data in one location so you can easily share with your colleagues.
Manage User Permissions - O-Cloud

Manage User Permissions

Define who can view, edit, and manage project files.
Color Variations - O-Cloud

Color Variations

View your 3D sample in different variations and colorways.
Markup Specific Area - O-Cloud

Markup Specific Area

Automatically zoom in on specific pinned areas so you can easily respond to comments regarding style issues, colors and flaws.
View Sample History - O-Cloud

View Sample History

Edit and revise your virtual sample as many times as you’d like as the platform maintains all previous versions.

Side-by-Side View

O/Cloud Side-by-Side view allows users to quickly compare size-sets, fit and colorways, while collaborating with a digital-first workforce.

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