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Solutions for Small Businesses

Creating true to life virtual samples in an innovative high-tech environment is the way to save valuable resources and get faster to market. With a smart solution that offers seamless communication across the supply chain, you’ll be able to fulfil your creative vision and exceed your business goals.

Smart Solutions, Fast Results

Shortening your time to market while cutting costs and waste of resources is completely possible through robust digital tools that enable seamless communication across the supply chain, eliminating the need to create physical samples and wait a long time for crucial feedback.

Optitex is all about using innovation to make your work easier and much more efficient.

Get faster to market by collaborating with stakeholders throughout your supply chain in the digital sphere. With a profound understanding of the garment creation workflow and years of experience in identifying optimization opportunities, Optitex is able to provide actionable insights and become a true tech partner on your journey towards growth and agility.

Seamless Communication

Connect teams, partners and suppliers through digital innovation in a transparent and easy manner and get faster results, avoid mistakes, and make accurate decisions in real time.

End to End Software Solution

From concept to shelf, the cutting-edge digital tools offered by Optitex cover the needs of each stakeholder throughout the supply chain, creating seamless digital workflows that will not only shorten your time to market, but make your work easier.

Data Management

Generate customizable reports for your every need and enjoy an innovative digital environment that is fully compatible with advanced ERP and PLM systems, which allows the continuous flow of data throughout your workflow.

Easy to Use

In addition to the intelligent and intuitive traits that are attributed to Optitex’s software solutions, they are also open and compatible with external hardware and software.

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