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Print and cut garment pieces
on a blank fabric roll


Print on demand

An innovative on-demand manufacturing solution, Print & Cut is ideal for micro factory sample production, print on demand custom graphics or logos, efficient alignment of complex graphics, and uniquely tailored for small and mixed orders. If your organization relies on in-house digital printers, serves small brands or handles sublimation and direct prints, Print & Cut is for you.

Benefit from substantial cost, resource and material savings – all in five easy steps!

1. Make the pattern

using Optitex PDS

2. Prepare graphics

for printing with Adobe Illustrator

3. Create marker

with Optitex Marker and generate Print & Cut output files

4. Print the fabric

with a digital fabric printer, directly or through sublimation

5. Cut the product

pieces with a single- or multi-ply cutter… and you’re done!