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Nurturing the Next Gen of Fashion Designers

Solutions for Education

Market leaders are not born, they are made through forward thinking and exposure to the riches of the world. Nurturing your students to not only take part of the fashion and apparel market, but shape it, is possible by introducing them to the latest tech-innovations in their field, which is already in use by industry leaders around the globe.

Stay Ahead of the Game with a Strong Recruitment Tool

Preparing your students for the competitive fashion industry and equipping them with an exceptional skillset, making them key players in every fashion house across the globe is feasible with the right tech tools that are both easy to use and easy to teach. Strengthen your value and open the door to the next gen of fashion makers by offering substantial experience with technology used in the marketplace.

Set your students up for success.

Attract more prospects and place your alumni at the top. Forward thinking and continuous innovation are the pillars on which Optitex is built. Optitex is part of the curriculum in the world’s top design schools, while leading fashion houses look to higher education institutions where Optitex is taught, when hiring for open positions.

Leaders in 3D Innovation

With 95% accuracy of virtual samples, students can create true to life 3D garments in various sizes and colorways starting from a basic draft of the pattern all the way to full 3D simulation. This way, students can visualize how their creation can come to life before cutting and sewing a single piece of fabric.

Online Training

The software solutions offered by Optitex are very intuitive. To make it even easier to master, we offer an eLearning platform that is available on-demand, anytime, anywhere and includes certifications and a variety of online courses.

Hiring Tech-Savvy Alumni

Raise the bar higher by teaching the hidden gems Optitex has to offer. Mastering these robust digital tools will open your alumni’s doors to industry leaders with exciting internship opportunities and additional open positions.

Compatible with External Hardware

Optitex is both easy to use and easy to integrate in your classroom as it is fully compatible with external cutters and plotters, and even has the ability to work with body scanners.

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