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3D Design
for Illustrator

Bring Your Artwork to Life!

Design with 3D Design for Illustrator

Maximize the accuracy and fine tune details of your digital garment

Real-time validation and customization of 3D garments in Adobe Illustrator.

Free up time to be even more creative

Utilize the fine-tuning capabilities of Adobe Illustrator to create stylish garments with complex prints.

Enjoy the use of cutting-edge digital tools

Improve collaboration between pattern makers, designers and vendors by validating designs ready for digital or sublimation printing direct from Adobe Illustrator.

Instantly view your designs in 3D – all in Adobe Illustrator


Plug-in with 3D Design for Illustrator

Easily design sportswear and incorporate logos and additional graphics in existing lines of teamwear. Using the cutting-edge 3D plug-in developed by Optitex, you can vividly visualize fabric and colorways, modify print patterns and adjust graphic placement in Adobe Illustrator.

Customize Fabric and Textures

Import your Optitex 3D design into Adobe Illustrator to experiment and customize fabric, texture, print patterns and graphic placement without waiting for a printed sample.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Work within the native environment of Adobe Illustrator, compatible with both Windows and Mac, and visualize virtual samples with accurate proportions and scaling.

Share Your Design Across the Supply Chain

Export your stylish virtual sample into an innovative 3D environment and share it across the supply chain using digital innovation.