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Optitex solutions

Driving Innovation

Solutions for Automotive

The automotive industry is constantly in motion, and innovation is the fuel that drives it at full speed. Putting efficiency and quality at the forefront, our solutions provide easy transformation of 3D objects from any CAD system into 2D production ready patterns and markers.

Industry Leading Efficiency

Creating outstanding seating systems that are stylish, comfortable and safe while saving valuable materials and textile in the production process can easily be achieved - at the push of a button.

We are right where you need us to be - efficient, easy to use, automated.

Boost your ROI while saving valuable time and resources and create seating systems designed for manufacturing. The seamless, integrated digital platform for technical textile design and development offered by Optitex enables flattening and the creation of accurate results.

Production Ready 2D Patterns

Easily create production ready 2D patterns from external 3D CAD models.

Integrated 2D & 3D Software

Design complex seating systems using the cutting-edge Pattern Design Software and see your craftmanship come to life in a 3D digital environment.

Automated Nesting

Optimize your use of materials with accurate, industry-leading efficiency powered by automated nesting to boost your ROI.

Compatibility with External Cutters and Plotters

Operate in a user-friendly digital environment that is fully compatible with external cutters and plotters.

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