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Shaping the landscape of the dynamic fashion and apparel market made possible with robust digital tools. The “see now, buy now” model of consumption generates the need for fast fashion and requires fashion makers to deliver accordingly without compromising product quality. From concept to shelf, implementing a one vendor solution that combines the entire process of creating a garment stands at the heart of this market’s future.

Seamless workflows Powered by Digital Transformation

Creating agile work cycles, saving valuable resources, boosting ROI, and moving to on-demand manufacturing is closer than ever before. The very complex nature of a large enterprise makes modern collaboration tools essential for speedy delivery and sustainable production cycles.

You’re in luck - agile production powered by efficient, sustainable workflows is what we do best.

The general movement of Industry 4.0 has entire industries migrating to the digital sphere in search for optimized solutions with high ROI. The dynamic fashion and apparel market, whose foundations were built on innovation and trend setting, is gradually adopting digital tools and automation processes with a clear vision of moving towards on-demand manufacturing.

Accelerating Development Cycles

With fast results and a very high return on investment, getting faster to market has never been faster. Digitizing the supply chain and using true to life virtual samples with the ability to make instant changes is a first step to ensure growth and agility.

One Vendor Solution

The wonderful thing about technology is that you can do almost anything in the digital sphere. From cutting-edge design tools, to advanced development platforms and intelligent production environments – Optitex has it all, in one end-to-end digital workflow.

Collaboration Tools

Connect teams, partners and suppliers through digital innovation, enable seamless communication across the supply chain and result in fast, accurate decisions made in real time.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

We’re with you every step of the way. Digital transformation requires mapping and understanding the unique structure and team collaboration in your organization. Hear out what our team of digital transformation experts have to say and step up your business’ game.


From Concept to Shelf in 6 Simple Steps

Moving forward with production, cutting and sewing, we’ve joined forces with industry leaders to provide you with a fast, unique delivery in one comprehensive textile eco system. Whether you’re offering personalized styling for your clients, creating customized team sportswear, made to order suits or otherwise need to optimize smaller batch productions, we will tailor a holistic solution that will fit your needs.

  • Ready for Production Virtual Samples

    Design and develop true to life digital garments with the cutting-edge technology offered by Optitex.

  • Print Preparation

    Choose fabrics and adjust colors with EFI’s Fiery XF color management software.

  • Nesting and Optimization

    Aggregate orders and use automatic nesting for an optimized use of resources using the innovative digital tools offered by Optitex.

  • Digital Printing and Fixation

    Print your digital asset on the robust EFI Reggiani digital printer that delivers from 100 to 500 customized garments per hour and fixate to the fabric.

  • Automated Cutting

    Automatically cut the nested pieces with the automated cutter offered by Zund or another vendor.

  • Garment Assembling

    Assemble your garment through optimized routing such as smart labeling and an intelligent production order.


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