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Fabric Management Solution

Measure, simulate, share

FMS-video-Fashion Design Software

Create a bespoke fabric library

Quickly measure fabrics on your own
Quickly measure fabrics on your own, compliant with industry standards
Arrange your fabrics
Arrange your fabrics the way you want
Share your library with others
Share your library with others - every change is recorded
Easily import U3M
Easily import U3M scanned fabrics

Advanced fabric testing, measurement and analysis

Measure and simulate fabric in 3D based on its physical and visual properties.
Features: Fabric testing how it works-Fashion Design Software

Fabric testing: how it works

Motorized Tension Meter (Mark-10 ESM303 / ES30)

Measure extent of stretch in warp, weft and bias directions

Stiffness Tester

Measure fabric’s resistance to bending in warp and weft directions

Digital Scale

Measure fabric weight per area (in grams per square meter)

Digital Thickness Gauge

Measure fabric’s width in micrometers

Optitex Fabric Meter - fabric management software

Create and manage the fabric library and retrieve test results from the automatic fabric stretch tester
Features-Measure-fabric-in-15-minutes-Fashion Design Software

Measure fabric in 15 minutes

1) Prepare testing specimen
2) Create a new entry for the fabric in the Fabric Meter Application
3) Use the Fabric Wizard to measure fabrics
4) Each fabric measurement is added to the fabric database, which can then be shared with all EFI Optitex PDS users
Features - Garment Fit Analysis-Fashion Design Software

Garment Fit Analysis

Analyze fit based on fabric properties
Features-MaterialConverter-Fashion Design Software

Material Converter

Scan fabrics with U3M-compatible scanners and make them available for 3D rendering

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