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Optitex solutions

Styling Tomorrow’s Furniture

Solutions for Upholstery

Create top-quality furniture with stylish designs at maximum speed, accuracy, and practical utilization of materials with advanced digital solutions. With quality and efficiency at the top of our priorities, the intelligent automation software solutions offered by Optitex will allow you to prepare production ready materials, while reducing the use of your resources and opening the door to innovations in the field of 3D prototyping.

Shorter Cycles Powered by Automation

Automating manual labor through advanced CAD systems will allow you to shift your focus towards creative processes and ensure quicker delivery to your customers. Leverage technology to perfect the efficiency of your fabric use and make sure only the necessary amount of material is used in a faster, cost-effective cycle that can result in cost reduction and optimization of your delivery time.

Empowering Creativity and Flexibility is Part of Our DNA.

Optimize your production cycle and get faster to market using the advanced digital tools offered by Optitex, which will enable you to foresee the amount of fabric and additional materials needed for production.

Smart Automation

Optimize your use of materials with accurate, industry-leading efficiency powered by automated nesting to boost your ROI.

Innovation Based Communication

Create seamless communication across your supply chain as you can easily connect teams, partners and suppliers through digital innovation to get fast results and make decisions in real time.

Maximum Accuracy

The unmatched accuracy of Optitex’s intelligent nesting will allow you to maximize your use of materials and optimize your entire production.

Seamless Integration

Optitex software is both easy to use and easy to integrate with existing hardware, ERP and PLM systems, ensuring continuous flow of your data.

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