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Solutions for Bags & Accessories

The art of fashioning outstanding bags and accessories requires meticulous attention to details that can easily be fine-tuned with digital tools. With product quality and workflow efficiency at the forefront, the cutting-edge software solutions offered by Optitex will allow you to create trend-setting products by shifting your focus towards creativity and shortening your time to market.

Cutting Costs with Digital Tools

The high costs of materials and the pricy creation expenses of physical samples can only be tackled by digital tools that enable a true to life 3D visualization of your product. Cutting the need for physical samples and replacing them with virtual samples will allow you to review and perfect your products before assembling any physical prototypes, which will result in substantial costs reduction.

Virtual Samples is what we do best.

More than high ROI, virtual samples will help you create accurate products with a click of a mouse. The seamless, integrated digital platform offered by Optitex will help you shift your focus towards creativity all while significantly shortening your time to market.

High ROI

Leverage the use of advanced digital tools to reduce the use of physical samples and shift your focus towards quality production.

Virtual Samples

Visualize true to life virtual samples in an innovative 3D environment and perfect your product before creating any physical samples.

Endorse Collaboration

Enable seamless communication across your supply chain to make faster, more accurate decisions using cutting-edge tools that connect teams, partners and suppliers through digital innovation.

Rich Content Library

For your convenience, our software provides a large collection of trims such as buckles, snaps, zippers, buttons, eyelets, full set handles, and tassels.

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