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Production Goes Digital

Solutions for Manufacturers

Accelerating production while saving time, money and fabric is the holy grail of the manufacturing industry. As textile rolls are continuously at work, there’s a growing need to increase efficiency through superior software solutions.

Versatility and Scalability Powered by Efficiency

Organizing multiple and complex production lines with high volume while saving valuable resources can easily be attained through digital innovation. Creating sustainable workflows and making sure production never stops is a reality you can apply to your business by connecting the entire supply chain through robust digital solutions.

Welcome to Optitex, we master efficient workflows.

Optimize your use of materials with accurate, industry-leading efficiency that will boost your ROI. Easily save time, money and fabric by generating accurate forecasts in real time, enabling you to determine the amount of fabric and additional materials needed for production, all within an innovative platform that is fully compatible with external cutters and plotters.

Cost-Effective Solution

The digital tools offered by Optitex seamlessly integrate with PLM and ERP for cost calculations and production forecasting, so you can easily adjust your fabric purchasing and overall budget planning.

Automated Nesting

Increase efficiency with automated nesting and manage multiple, versatile orders with Optitex’s cutting-edge CutPlan.

User-Friendly Interface

Work in a user-friendly digital environment that is based on Microsoft Windows, and includes all its functionalities such as cut, paste, etc.

Tailored Data Reports

Generate customizable Marker reports that will allow you to plan ahead.

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