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Stay up-to-date with Optitex latest features with our free tutorials and demos. Learn how to get the most out of our product solutions to help you keep up with today’s fast changing market, and save time and costs at every step in the textile industry workflow.
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  • 3D Design Illustrator

    See how to start designing with 3D in our recent webinar about 3D Design Illustrator, our latest tool that lets you validate and customize 3D garments directly in Adobe Illustrator.

  • O/17 New Features and Tips

    Learn about our latest 2D & 3D features and updates from version O/17. Get tips and tricks on the newest features to help you boost your product development, design & production workflows.

  • Let’s Grade: Grading Theory & Practice

    Intended for new and basic 2D users, this webinar will help you sharpen your grading skills. Our presenter Emanuel Sepulveda, Technical Services Specialist, will show around the grading tools available in Optitex, and teach you how to check and perfect your grading and fit.

  • Getting to Know O/Cloud Collaborate

    Get an overview of O/Cloud Collaborate, the first web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offering visual collaboration specifically geared to the fashion industry. Enjoy the photorealistic 3D viewer and go through live scenario and demo!      

  • Introduction to Version O/15.6

    In this webinar, we are presenting the latest features that were released in Version O/15.6. Version O/15.6 includes many enhanced features such as a seam & stitch manager which makes your 3D content look more realistic and save content creation time, and an improved workflow for creating puffy garments.

  • The Full Workflow from 2D to 3D: Latest Tools and Features

    See how to make your complete product development workflow more efficient and accurate. The webinar will cover the full workflow using Optitex PDS and 3D Product Creation Suite, including an overview on 2D pattern making, 3D simulation, adding artwork, rendering 3D models in true-to-life quality, presenting samples online, and the latest features in Optitex 15.5.

  • Overview of New Features and Enhancements

    An overview of all Optitex solutions to help you save time and costs at every step in the textile industry workflow. Learn about our latest updates, insider tips and more!

  • Q&A: Users’ Requests

    Watch our Q&A session where we got our users to ask us whatever they wanted – about any topic, process, or features. We also covered additional frequently asked support questions.

  • Master 3D: Advanced Techniques

    Want to be a master in 3D? Watch our advanced webinar on how to work and stitch in 3D in parallel to your 2D development. This master class will focus on advanced techniques including 3D, Rigid Parts, HQR, Best Computers, and Global Collaboration.

  • Customer Stories: The Line Up and Eagle Sports

    Join our guest speakers from The Line Up, Creative Performance Apparel and Eagle Sports as they share their experiences from using Optitex. We will demonstrate some of the favorite and effective tools that made these companies successful through using Optitex solutions.

  • Optitex for Enterprise

    Learn about the concerns of large-business C-level management, dealing with big picture solutions related to cost of implementation, production cost, and speed to market. We’ll discuss how to replace an existing CAD system and train employees in a new one, how to use Optitex export options to tie CAD data directly to their existing hardware and

  • Optitex: A Global Solution

    Dealing with multiple manufacturers around the world, in different languages, with different hardware and software, it’s difficult to maintain continuity of fit and design quality while continuing to decrease time spent on development. We’ll be covering Optitex functions used in larger companies to standardize fit, speed production, and reduce sampling costs all while maintaining global

  • Optitex for Non-Apparel

    This Webinar hosts a variety of topics important for companies building non-apparel goods including furniture, costumes, gloves, and bags. Learn how to use 3D with solid objects and forms and get a review of Marker Making and Automated Nesting.

3D Patterns

Optitex offers a library of free textile patterns for download for all Optitex registered users.


Getting Started with Optitex?

The Optitex Help Center contains documentation, release notes and links to helpful information to help you learn how to use Optitex products, including: PDS, 3D, Marker, and CutPlan. Click here to access.

Does Optitex run on a MAC?

Currently, Optitex does not support Mac O/S. However, you can use dual-boot utilities, such as Boot-Camp, to run Windows on a Mac computer.

What are the minimum, recommended system requirements?

To run Optitex successfully on your computer, make sure you have the recommended requirements as listed here.

What operating systems can Optitex run on?

To run Optitex successfully, please see the list of various operating systems Optitex supports here.

In what languages is Optitex software available?

Optitex is available in 25 Languages, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Indonesian.

Can I open other CAD system files in Optitex ?

Optitex offers direct converters from Lectra MDL files, Gerber Zip files and Investronica EXP files. These CAD files can be imported into Optitex or converted to Optitex files. Most CAD systems can export their styles to standard CAD format such as DXF or AAMA which can be imported into Optitex.