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Start with Your Team, expand to the Entire Supply Chain - Growth Tends to Follow Innovation

Seamless Collaboration Across the Supply Chain

Get real life results of your 3D samples using the high-quality 3D viewer based on Photorealistic 3D rendering.

Manage and share all your product, design and development files in one innovative, digital workspace.

Easily share and collaborate with all members of your team.

Shared workspace
for all your 3D files


Manage Tech-Pack Files Online

Leverage, share and collaborate your product files across the supply chain using an innovative SaaS application that enables you to hold online discussions, manage versions, and make faster decisions all within a user friendly, high-quality 3D environment.

A Data One-Stop-Shop

Manage all project data in one location so you can easily share with your colleagues.

Manage User Permissions

Define who can view, edit, and manage project files.

Zoom Tools

Get a closer view of your 3D sample and inspect your virtual sample in high resolution.

Color Variations

View your 3D sample in different variations and colorways.

Pin Specific Areas

Automatically zoom in on specific pinned areas so you can easily respond to comments regarding style issues, colors and flaws.

View Sample History

Edit and revise your virtual sample as many times as you’d like as the platform maintains all previous versions.

Optitex Fall/Winter Series - 3D Design and Development