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Keeping it Green, Promoting Sustainability through Agile Production

Save Time, Money, and Fabric

Get the most use of your fabric and optimize spreading by automatically grouping sizes that can be placed within the same marker.

Increase your productivity by using an algorithm to calculate the best cut order solution for your needs.

Accurately project and calculate order production costs to save time, money and materials.

Manage Single and Multiple Orders Digitally

Boost your productivity, efficiency and profits with an automated order management tool that allows you to operate complex marker orders, while supporting complex variation grading, colors, and fabric types.

Manage Cut Orders

Create a cut order based on the number of styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics.

Optimize Fabric Usage

Automatically generate a number of markers to accomplish order requirements in the most efficient way possible.

View Order Information Reports

Generate reports in order to view information about your cut order, marker files, materials, spreading groups, fabric rolls and boost efficiency.

Enhanced Roll Management

Define fabric rolls in your warehouse according to colors and materials and then assign details such as width, length and costs to improve fabric roll utilization by creating a relation between the cut order and the fabric rolls.