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Solutions for Displays and Soft Signage

Remember the days of laying out fabric on the floor to figure out the right pieces to construct your project with and having to wait until the end of the job to figure out what it cost you to make it? With an integrated technology solution offered by Optitex, you can design and prototype in 3D with your customer's own artwork, produce the production print and cut files in minutes and see your production costs up-front.

Rapid, photo-realistic, 3d prototyping

Time and materials used for producing customer approval mock-ups is a waste of resources and profit margin. Take your prototyping digital using your 3D assembly CADs and Optitex's powerful material simulation engine to create photo-realistic, production-ready virtual prototypes that your customers will love.

We bridge design and production seamlessly.

Approved projects can now take minutes instead of hours or days to prep for production. Using Optitex’s tools, you can integrate the customer's artwork with the cut-pieces designed in the software and quickly create an optimized print file (direct-to-fabric or dye-sublimated) and corresponding computer-driven-cutter file but only taking a fraction of the time you’re spending today.

Faster Customer Approvals

Leverage the use of advanced digital tools to reduce the need for physical prototypes and shift your focus towards higher production quality.

Efficiency on the Shop Floor

Manage multiple customer orders simultaneously and be able to ship on time, every time and with full visibility into your available parts and materials inventories.

Seamless Integration

Optitex software is both easy to use and easy to integrate with existing hardware, ERP and PLM systems, ensuring continuous flow of your data.

Maximum Accuracy

The unmatched accuracy of Optitex’s solutions will allow you to maximize your use of materials and optimize your entire production.

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