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Be as Bold as You’d Like - Creative Adventures Made Possible with Virtual Samples

Conduct Earlier Validation

Maximize the accuracy and fine tune details of your digital garment

Save time by reviewing different variations of your 3D samples simultaneously.

Free up time to be even more creative

Create seamless collaboration across your supply chain as the 3D assets can easily be shared with your team, external suppliers, and vendors.

Enjoy the use of cutting-edge digital tools

Work in an innovative high-tech environment and pave your way towards growth and agility.

Review Virtual Samples with Revu

Leverage the power of 3D across your workflow and present a virtual collection in a line review meeting or showcase a final true to life 3D collection in various sizes, colorways, and views.

Side by side size sets

Showcase various sizes of your virtual sample in a 3D digital environment.

High Quality Rendering

Display your style in high quality rendering mode and view your design in an accurate, true to life virtual sample.

Materials and Colorway

Visualize your garment in various materials and colorways to get the visual properties of your virtual sample.

Design Your Presentation

Attach images, hyperlinks, videos, and text in the virtual sphere to further accessorize your presentation.