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Add Sparkles To Your Garments

At Optitex, we love to brighten up your world with digital inspiration to make you reach new heights, to lead you to envision things that could never have been considered before and to contribute to your company’s success.

Today, we want to brighten up your screen and your garments with lots of sparkles, a touch of glitters and a dose of sequins, all that little extra that will drive your buyers and consumers to shine and to love you.

Create Your Own Sequin Design 

Optitex enables you to create your own 3D sequin design by drafting directly on the 2D pattern pieces of your product.

Watch our 1 min. 50 sec. video to quickly learn how to create your own sequin design:


And see the result…
The sequin 3D shape can be found under

Sequin & Glitter Textures – NEW! 

You can now work with sequin and glitter textures.
To download these new shader types, please perform the following:
2. Run the file.
3. In the Installation dialog, click Extract if PDS is installed in the default folder (C:\Program Files\Optitex 15)
Or if PDS is installed in another location, click Browse and select the required location, then click Extract.
4. Once the installation is done restart PDS and enjoy 2 new shaders.