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Bandicoot Imaging Joins Optitex 3D Partner Ecosystem

Offering a New Solution for Digital Material Twin Creation, with Unique Support for Large-Size Pattern Swatches for The Upholstery Industry

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 8, 2022 – Optitex®, a global provider of integrated end-to-end 2D & 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for the fashion, transportation seating, and furniture industries, today announced their collaboration with Bandicoot Imaging Services (Bandicoot), an innovative material digitization solution provider.

Bandicoot’s advanced technology enables users to digitize even up to one meter of material swatches with big pattern repeats, plus automate the complex tiling procedure, which significantly simplifies the process. Further, Bandicoot’s unique scanning solution includes a Shimmer View application that captures subtle hue variations with unmatched precision, giving users the option to visualize the material’s true look and feel, with high-quality photorealism.Bandicoot Imaging Joins Optitex 3D Partner EcosystemBandicoot material scanning can be performed at any fabric mill, brand or manufacturing facility with the use of a hand-held camera and flash. Images are uploaded to the Bandicoot cloud platform and automatically processed, to deliver high-quality U3M (Unified 3D Material) within 24 hours. Optitex customers can then quickly and easily import the resulting U3M materials using Optitex’s Material Converter and use digital materials in their 3d virtual product samples.Bandicoot Imaging Joins Optitex 3D Partner EcosystemAmir Lehr, CEO of Optitex, said, “With the growing appeal of sustainability, the rise of e-commerce, and resulting expansion of digitized workflows, digital materials in high visual quality and accurate physical behavior, become a necessity for the vendors. We are strategically growing our partner network with best-in-market providers to give our customers the needed complementary solutions to create a streamlined digital process tailored to their business needs, and today, we are delighted to add Bandicoot’s unique scanning solution to our roster.” Lehr added, “With trusted partners like Bandicoot and others, we ensure that our customers benefit from true digital-to-physical uniformity, to guarantee predictable fit, consistent quality and secured brand trust.”Bandicoot Imaging Joins Optitex 3D Partner Ecosystem“Today, with the growing adoption of digital processes, many upholstery manufacturers face the need to generate large-size digital swatches that will match their standard products and design-to-production workflow. For the first time, our system introduces a solution to meet this need. What’s more, it enables leading brands and manufacturers to take the digital process to the next level, with new ways to digitally visualize materials’ colors, textures and refection, more vividly and more accurately,” said David Monaghan, CEO of Bandicoot. “By partnering with Optitex, we have the opportunity to introduce Optitex’s automotive and furniture customers to an additional solution for scanning, that will significantly add flexibility and support to their unique production processes.”

Optitex is pleased to offer a sample set of Bandicoot’s scanned automotive upholstery, leather and denim materials, free of charge, to all customers under AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), via the Optitex Asset Portal.

About Bandicoot

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Bandicoot Imaging Services is a leading provider of digital materials for the fashion industry. Bandicoot boasts a rich and extensive collection of scanned materials, including washed denim, jacquard weave, silky satin, foil prints, and more, to create more realistic and visually-appealing avatars. Backed by fashion technology and market-savvy professionals, the Bandicoot team creates new accessible technology to help the fashion industry convert physical fabrics to high-quality digital materials in record time. For more information, visit www.bandicootimaging.com.au.