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Guide lines can be used to cut pieces apart quickly. Guide lines are powerful editing tools and using them can help save some steps.

This example will walk you through creating a guide line based on two points, moving it, and dividing a piece where the guide line lays across that piece. It will be exemplified by the simple pattern shape below. Note that it has been Set Half so that changes are reflected on both sides.

To begin, select two points on the pieces contour. Click-hold-and-drag to highlight points.

Once selected, navigate to the Guideline Through tool in the Piece menu.

The guideline will be added through the first and last points you selected, even if there is a curve in the center of the line you selected.

Double-click the guide line to pull up the Guide Line Properties window.

Enter a positive value in the Distance From Line field to move the guideline upwards (or to the right) and negative to move down (or left). Press Apply to see the change. Pressing Apply again will repeat the movement.

Navigate to the Design menu and go to Cut – Cut by Guide Line (Shift+G)

The piece will be cut in two, and the Seam Attributes dialog will appear so that you can add seam allowance at this time if you need to. You can enter a seam amount and press OK or Cancel if you just want to cut the piece without adding seam allowance.

That’s it! You’ve successfully divided a piece using guide lines.