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We are pleased to announce the release of Optitex O/23, which introduces a new simulation engine. Faster, more versatile and easier to use, the new engine serves as the foundation for a host of increased simulation capabilities. In addition, O/23’s new capabilities benefit our existing tools like fit tools, high-quality rendering and collaboration features in O/Cloud.


New simulation engine – Supports for multiple layers and gatherings.
New simulation engine

PDS: XY tension map – Describes the combined tension in every point on the garment or simulated product. Particularly useful for technical products such as inflatable or upholstered products, as the XY map will showcase areas with high tension that requires changes or updates.
Tension XY - Inflatable mattress
TensionXY - Soccer Ball
Fit analysis on O/Cloud! – Files uploaded to O/Cloud with PDS version O/23 now include the stretch map and unique-color map, both of which can be viewed in side-by-side mode in O/Cloud.

If you’d like to read more about our latest updates, visit our page detailing the upgrades made to O/23.1.