3D Product Creation Suite
Turn your flat patterns into photorealistic 3D designs and immediately see the results of any changes to the pattern with Optitex’s fully integrated 2D/3D solution. Make faster and better decisions while still in the design environment by visualizing how changes in style, fit, color, fabric type, and design features will affect the final sewn product - without engaging in a time intensive and costly physical sampling process.

O/DEV 3D Product Creation Suite


See true-to-life 3D models

  • Simulate and fit samples on custom-fit virtual avatars without having to cut any fabric
  • Make changes right on your screen, with just a few clicks of a mouse
  •  Build a library of custom models including a virtually unlimited number of body types by adjusting body shape, height, circumference, muscle mass, and dozens of other measurements
  • View all style colorways, and define print placement for fabrics, textures, stitches, buttons, and logos
  • Incorporate realistic 3D objects, such as buttons, buckles, straps and zippers, with life-like attributes and behaviors
  • Share 3D samples with anyone to help eliminate styles early
  • Tailor or customize a season’s styles to align closer with consumer trends and demands
  • Kick-start your marketing and sales initiatives with a 360° turntable view of your designs and showcase a digital collection, display it on your website, or share the assets with external partners, to make faster, better decisions

Design and correct styles in 3D

  • Alter 3D styles and see the corresponding results on your 2D patterns on the same screen
  • Mark an excess of fabric, change a neckline, and add buttons, notches and more – just as if you were cutting and stitching fabric on a live person

Efficiently and accurately design form-fitting garments

  • Get the right fit for form-fitting garments
  • Ideal for tight-fitting garments like wetsuits, 3D Flattener lets you apply stretch dimensions before creating pieces to precisely match body dimensions and fabrics

Maximize the power of 3D

  • Preview direct changes throughout the whole development cycle – and visualize them with the most realistic detailing possible – including turntable views, created in minutes, with the 360° Creator
  • Emphasize the look and feel of a garment with a customized library of fully-realistic fabric details and textures
  • Showcase your designs in real-world lighting environments by customizing the intensity of the lighting and shadows with a slider and preview panel
  • Speed up collection and merchandise planning and make faster decisions with earlier feedback before you have a single, physical prototype
  • Share 3D true-to-life images across the board for sales, marketing, and even e-commerce purposes, by uploading them to the Digital Collection app

Optitex Helps Roberto Cavalli Efficiently Perfect Intricate Designs