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Sportswear Brands Increase Their Productivity Thanks to Optitex

While garments are being stretched and timelines are shrinking, let Optitex increase your productivity

Sportswear brands are very much on the lookout for the latest performance materials, such as innovative fabrics, fibers and components, that will put them on the cutting edge of fashion sports trends while providing comfort, performance and protection under extreme conditions. Dealing with complex performance textiles certainly does not mean compromising on design lines, which have to perfectly match and adapt to the body in motion.

Optitex 2D and 3D solutions take into account the technical attributes of the sportswear textile materials in addition to other needs specific to the sports industry, such as an accurate and consistent logo placement across the brand’s apparel and accessories.

From product development to production and sales merchandising, Optitex solutions can tremendously help sportswear brands to design better products, save money on physical samples and go to market much faster.

See how several famous sports brands such as Under Armour or Scott Sports have already benefited from Optitex solutions to boost their productivity and market reactivity.

To download Under Armour case study, click here.

Watch the video and learn how Under Armour is leveraging 3D technology:

Thanks to the Optitex 2D/3D integrated platform, you can: 

Product Development:

  • Turn your flat patterns into 3D models
  • Perfect your garment design lines and enjoy a digital fit mechanism
  • Visualize the logo on a stretched garment and detect/amend if distorted
  • Look at the shirt extensibility on muscles
  • Verify the solidity of your kayak (!) or life jacket and be aware of critical tension points

Leverage your 3D models:

  • Showcase your full collections in 3D photorealistic rendering in just 2 hours
  • Enjoy our 360° zoom capabilities and create eye-catching and animated presentations
  • Leverage your true to life 3D digital samples to buyers, merchandisers and online customers

Our 2D and 3D digital solutions can empower your current design and development workflows, make you spend less money on physical samples, have your collection reviewed digitally and ultimately make you design better products with a faster time to market.

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