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3D Disrupting the Fashion & Apparel Industry: PI Apparel 2016


We’re excited to return to New York for PI Apparel 2016, one of the leading industry events for innovation and technology. The conference is a great opportunity to hear from leading brands and retailers on how technology is impacting the fashion, apparel and footwear industries. This year’s event will take place at the Union League Club in Manhattan on June 27-28.

3D technology provides innovative solutions for brands and retailers to stay ahead, make better product and maintain their creative edge. As part of the event, leading companies such as Under Armour and Target will discuss how they’ve incorporated 3D technology into their workflow.

In a special presentation, Under Armour will share how 3D has helped them meet tight deadlines and create better product for their athletes. The talk will focus on the ROI behind adopting 3D technology to maximize speed to market, promote collaboration and infuse innovation.

3D has the potential to disrupt and transform the fashion industry but if there is no one to facilitate and push the conversation forward, nothing will happen. In a session entitled “A 3D Call to Action,” Target will discuss how to work collaboratively to implement 3D and start the 3D conversation to bring change.

Optitex CEO Asaf Landau will also participate in a panel discussion on the impact 3D has on the fashion sector to achieve faster time to market and make better products.

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We look forward to seeing you there!