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Optitex Wins the PCIAW® “PPE Innovation in Clothing” Award

Tel Aviv, Israel, January 16, 2024 – Optitex®, a global provider of cutting-edge development software solutions for the uniform and workwear industry, today announced their win at the recent PCIAW® 2023 Awards, in the category of “PPE Innovation in Clothing”. This prestigious PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) clothing award recognizes companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and leadership in adopting and implementing digital technologies in their manufacturing processes, driving business growth, and enhancing the customer experience.

Founded in 2018, the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW), is a member-driven, non-profit organization to give a voice to the uniform, workwear, and PPE supply chains. At the forefront of the sustainable transformation of the professional clothing and textiles industry, PCIAW leverages the expertise within the professional clothing association, offering members invaluable educational resources and a network to make a difference.

Serving the global uniform and workwear industry for over three decades, PCIAW recognized Optitex for its expertise in pattern complexity, fit predictability, production efficiency throughout the supply chain, and its sustainable workflows. A comprehensive start-to-finish solution, Optitex supports intuitive and reliable pattern construction for a variety of sizes, size sets, and variation grading, as well as PPE-specific features, including laser cut slits in protective vests, and multiple parallel tape stitches.

Optimized tools for stitched or laser-cut tactical vests and bags

From 2D patternmaking, through 3D simulation for digital prototyping and virtual fitting, to preproduction tools, Optitex helps boost business efficiency, optimize production capacity, and increase opportunities for the world’s leading PPE clothing companies. Optitex’s virtual fit assessment tools utilize true-to-life simulations to ensure optimized comfort and functionality across all sizes, while its automated nesting tools enable smart costing, boost material consumption, and reduce the number of physical samples. This, in turn, significantly reduces material waste and lowers costs, critically important in the PPE industry, where margins are small, and material costs are high.

Tension map view reveals overstretched in the shoulder areas

Amir Lehr, Optitex CEO, said, “We are honored to have won this year’s PCIAW PPE Innovation in Clothing award. The PPE sector demands in-depth knowledge of pattern complexity, size variations, and optimizing costly protective materials, all of which, as a company, we excel in, with long-time experience and expertise. This accolade is a testament of our commitment to the PPE industry, and our keen understanding of professional uniforms, which beyond a fashion statement, demand functionality and precise fit. Optitex toolsets provide PPE customers with this indispensable edge, matched with workflow speed, raw materials savings, and reliable and sustainable digital-first processes.”

To learn more about Optitex for Uniforms and Workwear, watch the webinar “Future-Proofing the Uniform Industry through Digitalization”, hosted by: Optitex and PCIAW.

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