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Optitex 3D Suite Keeps Amrit Exports Ahead of Competitors

Virtual sampling is not only convenient, but it saves time and money. Thanks to the Optitex 3D Suite, Amrit Exports has cut their product development time by 30%. Furthermore, they also reduced their labor and materials costs by 30% for styles sampling, while allowing them to get to customers faster and more efficiently. “We always try to be very innovative with new ideas and technology, whether that’s with new clothing designs, new ways to reduce manufacturing lead times, or solutions that improve collaboration with our buyers,” says Mr. Anand Buchasia, Managing Director. “This way of thinking keeps us always ahead of our competitors. We know we need to invest a lot and so that’s what we do. We don’t waste time. That’s why once we came to know of Optitex and learned about its product, we immediately decided that it is a better solution – and we went for it.”