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Optitex Puts Emphasis on APAC in a 3D Educational Seminar in Korea

KOREA, July 18, 2018. World leading provider of integrated 2D & 3D CAD/CAM software solutions, EFI Optitex, recently hosted its first APAC exclusive event focusing on the latest developments in 3D technology and industry best practices through a wide array of case studies and the strong knowledge base of seasoned industry professionals.

Always an innovator, EFI Optitex continues its global efforts, promoting a digitally optimized supply chain and maintaining a sustainable production cycle. The invitation-only educational event held at Emerald Hall, Lotte Guro Hotel, in South Korea welcomed more than 60 Industry professionals from leading local brands and companies. With a constant emphasis on education regarding the benefits of cutting-edge technology, this strategic forum was demonstrated how the latest developments by EFI Optitex such as O18 and 3D ReVu can optimize the supply chain with powerful out-of-the-box functionality.

“EFI Optitex is able to help the market in various manners. We have a vigorous team of professionals and a strong global presence that enables us to support the technology implementation plan. Moreover, EFI Optitex’s cutting-edge technology offers an end-to-end software solution that connects brands and manufacturers through digital innovation, allowing our client to save valuable resources and get faster to market.” says Jan Chan, Director of Sales, EFI Optitex.

The move into the Korean market is not accidental. EFI Optitex views the APAC market as extremely valuable and puts a lot of resources into education regarding the benefits of 3D technology in this significant market. Together with the its local partner, OptiKorea, EFI Optitex’s management presented an overview of the APAC textile market, discussing customers’ key challenges, and establishing future objectives based on customers’ real needs. One such requirement is education – providing the tools needed to better understand the benefits of 3D technology and the way it can accelerate and streamline the entire supply chain.

At the same time, local partner of EFI Optitex, OptiKorea, announced the launch of the Optitex GuideBook, a step-by-step introduction to the system provided by EFI Optitex, all in Korean.


“The Asian market is no longer an OEM market. In recent years, Korea’s domestic market has moved from traditional OEM to ODM, where bringing 3D technology on board would significantly increase manufacturers’ competitive edge. Moreover, 3D can potentially help leading brands differentiate from other market leaders, no longer competing on price alone, but now, delivering real value to end products for both local and global customers.” said Jan Chan, Director of Sales, EFI Optitex.
Always glancing at the future, EFI Optitex will continue promoting the benefits of digitizing the supply chain on a global scale. The success of this seminar prompted EFI Optitex to schedule additional meetings and workshops, while similar events for industry professionals will be expanded into other APAC countries, together with dedicated webinars for APAC industry leaders.


For further information please contact Mr. Jan Chan (jan.chan@optitex.com) or our partner, OptiKorea (opti@optikorea.com).