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Did you know…. Style sets PDS


Do you often work on styles that have multiple style variations such as the same shirt with a different collar or a dress with different sleeve lengths? Are you currently creating a whole different pattern file for each style variation?

If you have a pattern that comes in a few variations, but the body of the pattern is the same, you can group these pieces together into style sets, and handle several styles in a single, PDS file. That way, its easier to select the style (short sleeve, elbow, long sleeve etc.) without having to create a whole new file.

First, we will open the Style Set window (View -> Style Sets)

Now we will select “Create”. You can now name the Style Set

Add the pieces to the Style Set by selecting them on the 2D, and clicking “Add Pieces”

Repeat this process for Style B (Elbow Length Sleeve) and Style C (Long Sleeve)

Ready to lay your marker? Choose the Style Set from the marker order and you will only lay the pieces included in that Style Set.