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New Optitex eLearning Platform Offers an On-Demand, Unique Training Platform and Added Value Content

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 28, 2019 – EFI™ Optitex® continues its commitment to providing added value to its customers with the new EFI Optitex eLearning Platform, powered by Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nadaq:EFII).

This unique, on-demand training platform features how-to guides, videos and podcasts, as well as full eLearning courses that can be purchased individually or as part of a complete EFI Optitex training package. Users can progress through courses in an eLearning environment that provides job-specific training for patternmakers, marker makers, technical designers, 3D designers and more across 10 different Optitex technologies.

Customers are already successfully using the platform and are receiving significant value for money. The eLearning platform’s $300 annual subscription fee makes it a cost-effective, high-value solution for EFI Optitex software users across the globe.

Moreover, major players in the textile industry including apparel brands, design houses, suppliers and retailers, can improve the on-boarding process for staff, thanks to the eLearning site’s easy-to-use, detailed training platform. The new eLearning offering has far greater importance than educating current industry professionals, it is also shaping the next generation of professionals.    

“The eLearning courses are terrific,” said Margaret McWilliams, R&D at Margaret McWilliams Studio, a design business in Frederick, Maryland, that develops workflow solutions to bring tailoring back into the mainstream using accurate 3D prototyping based on 2D patterns. “EFI Optitex’s unique workflow and the courses’ on-demand availability make it worthwhile to go through all of the them. Unexpectedly useful capabilities that improve the patterns coming out of my workflow have emerged thanks to the detailed explanations eLearning has to offer.

“I see this essential tool as a turning point in my work,” she added. “Through the online courses offered on the eLearning platform I was able to manipulate the abilities of the Optitex software with very good results, which affects my entire workflow.”

The eLearning platform also provides Optitex certifications upon completion of critical stages of the training program. As a result, it not only empowers knowledge among industry professionals, it also confirms that individuals have indeed mastered the innovative tools that shape the textile industry.   

Education to facilitate the apparel industry’s CAD transformation

This newly launched eLearning content reflects EFI Optitex’s longstanding commitment to maximize value for users with coaching, training, advising and consulting. EFI Optitex products – along with the training provided – give businesses the significant advantage of being able to perfect their garments before cutting or sewing the first piece of fabric for faster cycles and products that better fit consumer needs.

Always glancing at the future, EFI Optitex will actively continue to empower knowledge and assist industry professionals in gaining new and critical skills that will contribute to the optimization of the supply chain in the most cost-effective way possible.

A brief video overview of the EFI Optitex eLearning offering is available at https://learn.optitex.com/index/.