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Optitex and Alvanon Extend Collaboration to Make 3D Avatar Library Available to Optitex O/Cloud Users

Tel Aviv, Israel, April 8, 2021 – Optitex®, a global provider of integrated end-to-end 2D & 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for the fashion and apparel industry, and Alvanon, the global leader in body technologies for the apparel industry, today announced the extension of their long-term collaboration to support Optitex’s enhanced O/Cloud platform, and enable O/Cloud customers to enjoy the benefits of Alvanon’s rich selection of fit standards and 3D avatars.

This enhanced collaboration will allow Optitex customers to facilitate teamwork between brand and vendor designers, patternmakers, and collection product managers dispersed around the globe in different locations and time zones. Further, irrespective of the lockdown requirements still in place, it will enable teams to make both collection and style-level decisions exceedingly faster and easier.

Alvanon virtual body

By integrating the Alvanon Body Platform’s (ABP) vast library of over 6,000 3D virtual avatars, each representing a specific brand’s fit standards, into Optitex O/Cloud’s 3D environment, Optitex customers, apparel design and development teams, fashion brands and retailers, can enjoy the benefits of Alvanon’s range of correctly sized and shaped 3D avatars to test patterns in all sizes, and validate fit.

Optitex O/Cloud enables seamless 3D collaboration, from concept to production, all on a single cloud-based platform, where users can manage the end-to-end development process by sharing their digital workplace with the supply chain – teams, vendors and partners, all in a high-quality digital 3D environment.

Alvanon’s extensive library of 3D virtual bodies

This collaboration will enable Optitex O/Cloud users to share and review 3D garments simulated on Alvanon virtual bodies over O/Cloud, collaborate with various view options and a variety of tools, including real-time 3D sphere rotation, and commenting. Alvanon’s library offers both standard (ASTM) and brand-specific avatars.

With access to Alvanon’s extensive library of 3D virtual bodies, patternmakers can run online fit sessions via the cloud, and collaborate with all stakeholders – supervisors, designers, and team members, to review how garments look and feel on their Alvanon virtual body, using a variety of Fit tools, such as Tension Map, Mesh View, and Distance Map. Users will also be able to navigate the model, view all of its colorways, and add comments directly on the garment, all of which will help accelerate the design review process. As all garment-related information is easily viewed in 3D, users no longer need to share static images of their garment in different map views.

Optitex O/Cloud enables seamless 3D collaboration, from concept to production,

“At Alvanon, we believe that the 3D journey begins with the 3D avatar. Not just any avatar, but the fit standard that represents the brand’s target customers’ body shapes and sizes,” said Jason Wang, COO of Alvanon. “We are pleased to further our collaboration with Optitex, to enhance their customers’ design capabilities, and the overall user experience. It’s via close collaboration with leading 3D digital software providers such as Optitex that we can deliver our range of virtual avatars, and provide the fit accuracy that brands and retailers demand.”

Alvanon, the global leader in body technologies for the apparel industry

Amit Ben-Sheffer, VP Products at Optitex, commented, “As a market leader, we are committed to helping our customers streamline their operations, and to achieve and maintain their high ranking in the fashion industry. Our continued collaboration with Alvanon is yet another example of how Optitex helps its customers tailor their digital workflow by enabling a collaborative and efficient fit process based on their virtual fit models of choice.”

Virtual Activewear Stretch

About Alvanon

Alvanon is a fashion technology company, focused on the body and its application and implications in the apparel industry. It has developed a unique and innovative body data-driven approach, with a consumer-scanning element, to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the fashion industry.

Since 2001, it has dedicated itself to body shape data research and has gathered more than 1.5 million body scans in 30+ countries, most recently, in China, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the US. Combined with its deep apparel knowledge, this has allowed Alvanon to develop thousands of fit standards for hundreds of brands globally. For more information, visit www.alvanon.com.

The Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) is the central database of virtual bodies created by Alvanon. It is the starting point for brands 3D journey. The ABP Platform is a response to the industry’s need for a digital, 3D solution that cuts costs and increases speed-to-market. It virtually replicates the costly process of physical fitting. It is already being successfully used by 250+ major fashion brands, retailers and designers, including Columbia Sportswear, Lululemon, The North Face, Under Armour, PVH Europe, and Walmart. For more information, visit www.abp.alvanon.com.