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Printed Fabric Tool

Optimize your design process when using  a printed fabric with perfect the positioning of pattern pieces on printed fabric – without the need for a single physical sample. With the Printed Fabric tool, you can quickly and easily determine where each piece of a style pattern should be placed on the printed fabric to achieve the desired effect in the finished garment.

Optimize your design process when using a printed fabric:

  • Instead of creating multiple samples, you can immediately visualize within Optitex PDS how the printed image will lie on the garment
  • Make adjustments and view the results of every change – all with just a few clicks
  • Seamless integration with Optitex 3D Suite, enabling you to make changes on the 2D pattern or 3D model and see the results simultaneously in both

Reduce cost and shorten time to market:

  • Enables more accurate location of patterns on printed fabric, in less time
  • Eliminates the need for physical samples
  • Speeds up design team communication and approvals

Easy, fast printed fabric positioning in four easy steps:

  • Import a jpeg image of the printed fabric and then select it from the fabric library
  • Define the fabric width and borders and the repetition of the printed fabric
  • Position the pattern on the fabric, view it in 2D and on a 3D model, and adjust the placement until the printed fabric lies on the garment as desired
  • Plot the style pieces for garment production

Learn more with our how-to video here.