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YKK Zippers

Starting from the O/19.5.0 release, Optitex customers are now able to easily access and embed YKK 3D objects from YKK’s library of fastening products in their 3D models and enjoy the visual standards and rendering precision of YKK objects.

Follow the steps described below to start using YKK Zippers:

  • Download the YKK Zipper.zip file. Note that the size of the file is 8.35MB and the download may take some time, depending on the strength of the internet connection.
  • After the download is complete, unzip the YKK Zippers.zip into PDS Content Library directory – this is usually found on C:\Users\Public\EFI-Optitex\Optitex 19\Content Library.

YKK Zippers - Optitex

  • Check that the YKK Zippers directory and the corresponding sub-directories were created correctly.

YKK Zippers - Optitex

  • You can now load and use these zippers in your PDS virtual designs. Zippers are called “Button Shapes” in PDS. You need to add a button, create a stitch on it, open a 3D Stitch Properties Dialog and navigate to the YKK Zippers directory when loading button shape.

YKK Zippers - Optitex

  • After selection, YKK zipper part could be visualized in PDS 3D window.

YKK Zippers - Optitex

For more information, please visit the YKK website.
Additional OBJ Files can be requested through your YKK contact.

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