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Better products, Better fit

Almost half of all fashion items ordered online are returned due to wrong size and fit. This is costing the fashion industry millions of dollars in shipping costs and warehouse fees. Add to this the amount of time it takes to make multiple iterations and physical samples, and you’re losing months in valuable time.

3D is allowing the fashion industry to evolve and revolutionize the way brands develop, produce and market fashion. Today, you have a way to not only connect to your design development’s 2D process, but create a 3D digital garment and use it in design and development, in merchandising, in selling, and in consumer engagement.

We recently joined the IEEE Standards Association Initiative as a leading voice to collaborate, research and build technology standards for 3D body processing, and implement these technologies into the fashion industry.

As consumers seek more personalized shopping experiences, brands are seeking to incorporate 3D scanning, modeling and visualization into their businesses to further enhance their customer’s experience. This includes creating customized, tailor fitted garments, but also better products with improved 3D capabilities.

What will these standards mean for brands?

Body scanning technologies or 3D capabilities mean we are digitizing the core product of a 1.3 trillion dollar business. Once you can digitize the core product – the virtual sample – you can start to do things you never did before. This is all because 3D digital apparel finally looks and acts real. It has the power to deliver huge business value by making the industry faster, more sustainable, and more free to design to its heart’s content.