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Scott Sports: 3D is the way to go

“SCOTT Sports, a leading producer of bicycles, sportswear, motorsport equipment, and running gear has been designing and creating since 1958. Until recently, the company was using what Michaela Pokorna, an Apparael Designer at SCOTT Sports, calls a “middle-aged method.” Design approval took a long time and began a year and a half before a collection was launched. Decision makers only saw 2D designs and it was difficult to visualize the end product.

“Sometimes we lost beautiful designs, because people were not able to see it, to imagine it,” says Pokorna. “And then we thought, ‘okay we have to come up with something to help the people see the products in the final stage’. That’s why we chose Optitex.” Optitex has helped the company make faster decisions and has offered an important tool for designers. “Costs have decreased by reducing the number of samples,”” says Pokorna. “The number of samples used to run as high as seven, and has now dropped to as few as one. It shortens development time.”